Course & Tutoring Outline Templates

Take a look at some of the Course Outlines prior instructors have developed for their courses. You can also use one of the word templates to build your own course outlines.

There are also tutoring plans, which is the tutoring equivalent of a course outline.

If you have questions, please always check in with one of the Instructional Advisors.

We ask all instructors to turn in a Course Outline by the mid-point of the term. It may be revised towards the end. Tutors should develop tutoring outlines every 3-5 months based on learner’s goals, then check in about meeting these goals and create new plans. There are many reasons for writing a course/tutoring outline.

You should be planning your classes in advance. If you do goal-setting in the first couple weeks, by a month into the course you should have a general outline of your units based on students’ preferences and needs and a general structure for your lesson plans. Writing a course outline solidifies this planning for you and makes planning for the whole term easier.

When you document your goals for a term, it is much easier to check and see if you are meeting these goals. Your goals should be explicit and achievable in your timeframe and part of your Course Outline. At the end of term, you should assess your learners to see if you met them. See the section of Literacy Online on goal setting for more information or attend the Goal-setting and Lesson planning training.

This documents what you’re teaching each term, which is helpful for the teacher for the next term. This is a helpful reminder to you if you teach the next term, and an invaluable tool for the next teacher if you do not.

The same goes for tutors.
If you are teaching a class, this outline can be shared with the tutors who are working with the students in your class. This helps tutors support the work you are doing.

Goal Setting

Literacy Source sees goal setting as an integral and crucial aspect of the learning process. To that end, all volunteers are encouraged to participate in the Goal Setting and Lesson Planning 3 part training, offered 3 times per year. Please see a staff member to learn more.

As part of the intake process at Literacy Source, advisors spend time with each student to help him or her identify goals related to their roles as learners, employees/workers, family members, and community members. These goals are assessed and adjusted appropriately on a quarterly basis.

Effective instruction is focused on meeting students’ goals, so goal-setting should also be incorporated into your classes or tutoring sessions. Here are some strategies:

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